Individual Counselling

Do you have a specific challenge you are curious about exploring more? Is something nagging at you that you can't seem to ignore any longer? Not even sure why you might want to speak to someone, but you're exploring counselling options anyway? There are endless reasons why talking to a professional, such as a counsellor or therapist can be beneficial, even when it's hard to find the words to explain the "why." Counselling can be for everyone, from all walks of life. Even therapists seek out therapy! It can be helpful to feel heard, to seek guidance when you feel directionless, and to have support working toward your needs and wants in life. It is okay to ask for supportive guidance.

I work with individuals, ages 16+. I often work with individuals on topics including:

Therapeutic Approaches

I use a variety of counselling approaches and work to find strategies, methods, and ask questions that fit with each individual. I invite open discussion around what is or is not working in session. 

Some of the approaches I use often are:

I strive to work from a client-centred and anti-oppressive framework.

A big part of counselling is the relationship between the the client and therapist. The best way to discover if I would be a good fit as your psychotherapist is to get in touch. I am happy to have a chat and answer any curiosities you have over the phone, in person, or via email.

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